Empty Playlists on a Unitiserve

A strange thing happened yesterday.

All playlists were empty when viewed on n-Serve, iPad app or iPhone app. A ‘no tracks in the playlist’ message appears.

These playlists were all created using n-Serve. (I typically use playlists to deal with the problem of Naim failing to recognise compilation albums). The list of playlists is visible.

All the music that should be in the playlists is visible and can be played. Rebooting the US, n-Serve or the apps has no effect.

Before I reconstruct the playlists has anyone any other ideas?

I reconstructed the playlists and all seems back to normal.

Guess I’ll never know what caused the issue.

Hi Richard,

That has happened to me before, on a couple of occasions in fact, but not recently. I have not been able to determine why and just put it down to ‘quirks’…sorry, that’s not any help at all.

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