End game headphone choice

I’ve had a variety of headphone amps including the Chord Dave, Bryston and others. I just recently obtained a Headline 2 with RCA inputs. I’ve got this powered by a HiCap PS and wired out of my ND555 and I’m happy with it. The HiCap makes a difference that can be heard.
I’m using Sennheiser HD800 S and Audeze LCD-4’s. I’ve tried Grado in the past but felt that they had a U shaped response curve.
I use Nordost Heimdall 2 headphone cables. However, the LCD-4 comes with a premium cable from Audeze that’s excellent. It’s a $600 option on their lesser HP’s.
The S version of the HD 800’s has tamed the brightness of the original. It’s very comfortable and has the best sound stage of any HP I’ve tried. The LCD-4’s have superbly realistic bass and a warmth the 800 S lacks.
I may try Sennheiser’s new HD 820’s.

Sennheiser 800"s or Stax. If the Senns, the EAR HP4 amp is recommended.

Thanks. Defo a couple to listen to there

I think the Utopia is a great headphone, as is the LCD-4, but I was totally drawn in by the sound of Stax and in particular the L700. All worth a close listen.

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Interesting update today. I borrowed a balanced cable as all i have myself is an unbalanced one. I think I need to start with the cable, the LCD-XC harshness has mostly gone and the overall sound balance is much better.

The sound stage is still not huge and I’m sure there is still better out there but as far as enjoying the XC its certainly a much nicer experience. I suspect in relation to other high end closed back HPs these are now much more on par with most.

Not heard Utopia, but agree about LCD4s and Stax: best headphones I’ve heard.

I think the Utopia is probably the best balanced headphone I have heard, it’s just that with an amp that can do it justice the cost was too high for me. The Stax has the speed in the bass and detail In the highs, but doesn’t do slam like a dynamic or planner mag, set of phones.

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So, I’ve ended up with Abyss 1266 Phi HPs. Early days yet but first impressions are these are not your average cans. Fit them loose, really loose, else you lose all the low base. Do you need a powerful amp, oh yes, the Luxman is on high gain and around 80% volume, if you don’t have a powerful amp then pass these ones by. Do they sound good. Oh yes. :grinning:


Piccies onto the Show us your headphones thread?

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