Endeavour music question

I saw there was a closed thread on Endeavour. Maybe there are a few people here who watched the final episode (available in the US on July 2).

In the first half, there is a scene with Endeavour listening to music - Mozart’s Requiem, in fact. The turntable is a Monarch, a brand unfamiliar to me in the States. But it is the LP that puzzles me. It is a black and rainbow Capitol label. It also appears to have six bands on what I believe is Side 1, which makes no sense for a recording of the Requiem. (Capitol did record the Requiem at least once.)

Does anyone know which recording of the Mozart Requiem was used for the show? The work was included on a number of different episodes - I suspect the same is true for Morse.

Why wouldn’t they use the proper LP?

For balancing sound recording of the scene I’d guess it’s easier to use a tape, but I’m only guessing…

I believe it’s Motzart Requiem in D Minor, K. 626: Communio. Lux aeterna – Cum sanctis tuis.

That’s the image used on the Morse/Lewis/Endeavour fan website that I found, so you may be right. And it looks like it was recorded around 2001 for a small BMG label, so there may not be a vinyl version.

BTW - I was wrong about the number of bands being wrong. That recording has 14 tracks - 6 for the Sequenz.

(I don’t know why I’m so fixated on this.)

The music you hear on video sound tracks is invariably edited in. An in room/studio recording of a playing record player does not sound good.
Another observation; apart from the ‘Danset’ players Endevour had in his early days, I have not seen any speakers in a room with either ‘Endevour’ or ‘Morse’.

Understood, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use the same album in the scene that they use for the soundtrack. Unless there never was an LP of the performance.

No, but it’s extremely unlikely. At the time of filming, the director may well not have decided which recording to use (or might have done, but subsequently changed his/her mind).

It’s not likely the props manager would have worried about that level of detail anyway, even if it was all decided well ahead of time and nothing changed. And, even if s/he was, an LP of the correct recording may not have been available.

We’re in the same realm as people who complain that the wrong steam engine sound has been dubbed over a scene, or that a sign used a font that was invented after the programme was set.


An example, in the film “If” the school boys constantly play the track Sanctus from the LP Missa Luba. The image shows the first track being cued. That track is actually Kyrie, Sanctus is track four.

OK - I’ll drop it. :grinning:

Thanks to all.

There was an episode of Morse, which centred around a family whose business was the manufacture of a high end turntable. (Morse had one of them.)

I can’t remember the name of the (fictional) TT, but I think that a Roksan Xerxes was used.

Does anyone have a clearer recollection?

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It was called a Richards deck in the programme

Thank you. Now I don’t need to try to remember!

Correct. I recall straining to see what they used and I think it was a Xerxes. In the fictional Morseverse the Richards deck was locally made, while ironically Oxford has never really been an audio manufacturing city (unlike Cambridge).

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OK - I’ve switched back to Inspector Lewis as I did not follow that series regularly while it was being broadcast in the States.

Second season - an episode tied to The Firebird. On the turntable, what do I see, but a Naxos album of The Firebird. So they know how to get it right.

By the way, I didn’t know Naxos even released vinyl.

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