Enjoying what I have

Having just emerged from another brutal stay in hospital, with all the talk of new products, upgrades, etc, just want to report I’m sitting here listening to my 252, supercap. NDX 2, NAP 250 dr Fact 8s and streaming Miles Davis (new convert). I can’t imagine it sounding better, though I’m sure with the expenditure over over 10 grand it might. Sometimes time to kick back and just enjoy what you have. The sound is perfect - lush, rounded, 3 dimensional. Not sure my aged ears could cope with more information. Happy season to you all. Paley


Bad luck on the hospital, I can only empathise, but fortunately at the moment I seem to be on a good run.

As for your system, well it’s very good, no need to update, says the person who has just done several significant changes!

Miles - where to start? Recommend amongst many many others!


Good run, you are hitting them out of the park😁

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Thanks to both. Will check out Miles and long may the run continue.

Good to hear. I’ve just got to where I was aiming for about 13yrs go with my system. And having a nice balance between vinyl and streaming SQ is a big bonus. The main challenge was not to get distracted from the grand plan and I’ve managed that in the main. It’s a wake up call when you realise that listening to music is what this hobby is really about. Enjoy the music, have a happy Xmas and new year.

I am thinking about a cd transport just for fun, maybe a TEAC VRDS T1. No, I must stop that immediately :joy:

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The starting point for Miles Davis has to be ‘Kind Of Blue’.

But I love the very gentle ‘In A Silent Way’ and his Rodrigo-inspired ‘Sketches Of Spain’ rather more.

And I came across a completely new LP recently, ‘Workin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet’, a reissue on the (rather new to me) Craft label, also home to at least one André Previn disc when he was in a jazz phase, Lennie Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story’.


Where to start with Miles?..

First a book - the excellent biography by Ian Carr. Full of insights and pointers to key recordings.

Anything by the classic First Quintet on Prestige and Columbia.

The key orchestral sessions with Gil Evans - ‘Miles Ahead’ to ‘Sketches of Spain’.

Everything by the wonderful 60s Quintet on Columbia plus the earlier group with George Coleman.

‘In A Silent Way’ to ‘Agharta’ - the first electric era until his sabattical.

The 80s comeback stuff, if to your taste.

Although there are highs and lows, it is all interesting !

Keep health if you can as nothing is more important.
Hifi isn’t even on the list.


We Loved Him Madly

32 minutes of the best music Miles recorded.

Not content with one guitarist he had three on this track. Pete Cosey, Reggie Lucas, Dominique Gaumont.


Dear Paley,

Well said, and you have a lovely system. From one who has lost his mental health,
I was kicking back to some CDs on my CD5 XS, Nait XS2, FC XS and upgraded Celestion SL6Si speakers. Truly enjoying my setup. Lauren Daigle, Dire Straits last night and maybe some Pink Floyd tonight. I may even spin some vinyl.

Stay healthy, dear sir. Health is wealth.

Warm regards,

Mitch in OZ.


Thanks to all for support and recommendations. Yes, indeed, health is wealth and a decent listen can definitely aid recovery. Suspect many on this forum are going though their own issues. Not mentioned much as we save that for the health forums, but strength to all who are on their own journeys. Pay


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