Entry level turntable

Now that I am settling in with my new speakers and streamer, I am not planning to make any significant changes any time soon. However…
Some second hand Fraimlite levels at the right colour showed up and of course it would be silly of me to let them go… You never know when you might need them :innocent:

Of course having them at home, means the itch to fill them is appearing… :rofl:
Overall my thinking is to max out the source at some point when the appropriate PS555 appears on the horizon. And to top it all, I am thinking of dipping my toes in the world of vinyl just for the sake of it.

I don’t own a single vinyl at the moment and I don’t plan to ever make it my own source. Just to have something for fun when people visit. And I don’t want to make my life more complicated than it needs to be. So to test the waters, I want to start as simple as possible, with a minimum investment that won’t bother me if it ends up not being used at all.

The obvious answer is a Rega Planar 1 Plus ECO which is dirt cheap and plug and play. If I had an SN3 I would have been more flexible, but for now a built-in phono stage makes most sense. If the TT gets plenty of use in the end and the upgrade bug bites in the future, I suppose I could go for a Planar 3 (and I have half a shelf left for a Stageline :innocent:)

So my questions(s) are:

  1. Any alternative TT to consider at this level/price-point? I had a look at Pro-ject, but got quite confused with all the models!
  2. Is it OK to plug the Rega in the same power block with the Naims? I won’t have another option to be honest!
  3. Anything else that I am missing?

You are missing the fact that vinyl prices have jumped massively and the quality of vinyl pressing has deteriorated. I’ve seen far more warped records in a year than there used to be
Second hand prices have soared too.
Think of your fave 20 albums and work out the cost…
Amazon are pretty good at free returns but not all retailers are and having to pay for the return on a faulty disc is very frustrating
Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 18.57.55

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Fixed it for you.
Get a rega.
No - other than find somewhere locally with bargain bins you can flip through.

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For the quality of system you’ve got and to make a nice match with the speakers how about a Rega Planar 3 50th Anniversary Edition. Yes probably a bit more than you’d thought of spending but from what I’ve seen it’s a very good package as it comes with a Neo PSU Mk2 and a Rega Exact moving magnet cartridge at a pretty good price!

Plus I think you’d really enjoy listening to whatever records you did get that little bit more.

Just a thought…


I would get a used Rega Plana 3. I had one from new. Easy to use and to set up. I then had a Linn Axis which was a similar level and now have an LP12.

The Rega turntables are easy and good value. Buy new or used.


I would go for the entry level, from OMA. Just saying.

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Why not have a look at TEAC or Denon ? Built in phono stage .

Feeling Zen has cracking TEAC

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I own thousands, collected for decades.
Nowadays new vinyl is far too expensive, I hardly buy new anymore, have enough.
If I want a new record I buy the CD which usually is cheaper.

Don’t be scared buying in thrift shops, recycling.
I usually buy maybe 5, 10 or more LP’s, prepared to ditch a few too scratched, but you can occasionally do a real good purchase at 1/10th price.

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+1 for a Rega Planar 3 here. But I would look for one with the original S-shaped Acos Lustre arm as I always thought that sounded better than the RB250/300. It’s a very elegant looking package that essentially beat anything below a Linn LP12 for decades. I have no doubt the modern Planar 3 (or other Regas) are better in every way but it is still a valid choice. It could also be interesting seeing what cartridge it comes with as you might be lucky enough to pick up a bargain package. There’s quite an interesting selection that people have used to get the most out of their Planar 3s and you might get a Denon D110 (as I did once) or something similar like an MC20. You might even be lucky enough to get a Grace G707 arm fitted to it, in which case you are looking at a thing of beauty and will be firmly in the realm of ultra-analogue, melifluous sound.


Forgot to say if you want a fit and forget turntable look at Technics 100C/1500C.

Rega any day over Project, P1 Eco without, and P1+ with phonostage.
You can add a better stylus tip to click-on the fitted Carbon cartridge which is a rebranded Audio Technica.


I wouldn’t bother. Why buy stuff you’ve already got just to have fun when people visit. Just play your existing music. Spend the money on wine and everyone will be much happier.


There are so many good entry level decks. Though I’d stick with what you can get serviced locally. If your dealer does Rega, get a Rega. If they do Denon but not Rega, get a Denon.

The TEACs are exceptionally good performers but my impression is that their turntables don’t have much market penetration outside of Japan, Germany, and Southeast Asia.

The voice of logic once more! :innocent:
I don’t disagree in principle, and was never planning to get a turntable given the convenience of Spotify/Tidal.

Having said that, I had a look at the Denon DP-300F which is seems convenient to use and actually has more features than Rega. The consensus seems to be that the included cartridge is pretty basic, but that is upgradeable. The built-in phono preamp can also be overriden, so that also opens up a future upgrade path if I really get into it. More importantly, I can find second hand ones at very decent prices, so there is no financial risk in a sense. If it ends up not being used, I can sell it on later.

Again, I don’t disagree that there is nothing rational in making such a purchase, but it’s a tiny cost for the experience. As long as it’s inclusion in the system doesn’t bring any inconvenience, things should go smoothly.


That’s a really good point that I hadn’t thought of. So, again, better to start with used records and a basic cartridge and not get stressed or fixated about it. As you can tell by my posts, this is more about the experience rather than outright sound quality, so I am not planning to spend much.

Rega P1 eco 200 notes brand new.

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Only hundreds for me, but otherwise - same. The only LP’s that I have bought in recent years, have been good, used copies of back catalogue from Discogs.

I am sorry but I just don’t ‘get’ the idea of buying ‘new’ vinyl - because of the prices.

But - to answer the OP - just get a Rega… :slightly_smiling_face:
(I started with a Rega Planar 2, back in 1978.)

I agree with HH on this, and I am a very long term and continuing record buyer and user. I think that there is a fundamental point about what you are considering. You are concentrating on what is very simple and relatively cheap - buying a good basic turntable that can just be plugged in. What is nowadays complicated and expensive is obtaining records, and you have absolutely none to start with. Yes, you can buy second hand ones, but it is a minefield and they will need cleaning. I anticipate the experience would be more frustrating than fun. On the other hand, if you were to find playing records rewarding and pleasurable, you will discover that you are starting on a very expensive path.


Ok, as a counterpoint to some of the views on here!

A TT with built in stage sounds like a good idea.

As would a used Rega or similar off eBay with a suitable phono stage.

Playing vinyl is fun and interactive. If you have like minded friends then an evening spent playing vinyl and consuming beverages isn’t mutually exclusive, and sounds like a great way to spend a few hours.

New vinyl is expensive, but second hand isn’t so much of a minefield if your expectations are appropriate. If you have a local second hand source then you can inspect before you buy, and a manual cleaning machine is £50, or just buy some brushes and distilled water and save the machine cost. I’ve found plenty of acceptable vinyl that way. Cleaning used vinyl records is rather therapeutic too!


They will not be imported to Benelux though…

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I’ve added a “like” vote at both @CliveB and @gthack posts, as they both make sense from their own point of view.

No need to overthink it from my point of view at the moment, I would just follow the circumstances and if a cheap decent TT appears at the right place/price/time, I’ll go for it just for the fun of it. If the record experience proves to be too annoying and doesn’t get much use, so be it… Just some time and (very) little money lost in the process.

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