Epos ES 11 and 14

Hi, would anybody remember the woofer bolt torque setting for these speakers?

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Probably still got the instructions in my garage. I’ll go dig them out tonight if time allows. They’re in the box with a pair of black ash ES11s.

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I just took a look at the instruction manual that came with my own ES14s and can’t see any reference to a torque figure for the driver bolts.

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Be carful !
If I remember it was just a 1/8 turn after the bolts had been snugged up
Sorry for the lack of technical terms but the rods are just into plastic so the torc setting will be low.
Might want to call Creek Audio and ask Mike Creek (he had bought Epos in 1998 I believe ) and I’m sure he will be able to tell you if there is a torc setting.


Thank you very very much

Yes, I’ve just looked at my documentation and there’s nothing.

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Did you ever find the answer ?

Hi, not as yet. Because of your post things aren’t getting touched until I know for sure. Thank you once again, who would of known plastic was involved😳.
Will keep you posted when I know.

Nothing with my es14s, 25s or 30s from what I can remember. Instructions as such were always rather rudimentary so the book of common sense might seem to be the best way forward - not too little and certainly not too much and balanced - not quite as exact as an A+ cylinder head on an Austin 1.3 Metro - remember those?

Yes dead right, like was mentioned finger tight then 1/8 of a turn.

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