Epos ES14N

Has anybody had the opportunity to listen to these or is anybody excited by these?

I used to be a fan of epos. I haven’t heard the original classics, ES14 or 11.

I started with Epos with the Epic 2 then Elan 15 and my personal favourite the M5i - which I regret selling. I really enjoyed the treble not being harsh or boring and overall I have fond memories.

The tweeter decoupling arrangement in the ES14N is inspired from Roy George designs with his approval so I’m interested to see what it sounds like.

I’ll try to get an audition soon as I’m still undecided on speakers.

My dealer Signals has just got their pair……apparently need a lot if run in, but sounding very good fronting an Accuphase E4000.

Thats strange as these are by far the best Epos IMO/IME
Never came on with later editions by other owners.

The new Epos 14N has nothing to do with Epos, apart from somebody purchased the brand and placed his label on his own design speakers.
Fink - the owner - is very talented and create some great speakers.

I had the pleasure listening a full hour to 14N last year.
Unknown electronics but great performance.

They do not sound like the original Epos though.
I could be tempted if it wasn’t for looks and price.

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Yes, I’m sure you’re right that this speaker is a departure from the original but I’m still interested in it for the sake of the brand. I want it to do well.

Yes my humble beginning in hifi led me to epos. The epic, elan are warm and not at all in your face but at the time I cannot deny I really enjoyed them. The m5i being the best for resolution and just had a bouncy character to it.

My preference, knowledge and experience is very different now for sure.

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