Equipment Isolation for Nova

Just upgraded from a SU to Nova and am very pleased with the improvement in sound quality. I am looking for advice from those with more knowledge than me to see what further sound quality improvements I can make for relatively low cost. My Nova is located within a TV media unit on a central shelf (glass) and is the only item on that shelf. I am of the understanding that ideally I should put it on a proper HiFi rack but that is not possible due to space. What isolation products should I consider with a view to potentially improving the sound. I have found some isolation units made by Custom Design (Richard please delete if against forum rules) - has anyone any experience of these such as their iRAP or acoustic plinths. Would cups and balls be better noting I only have some 40mm clearance from top of Nova to bottom of shelf above it.

All suggestions appreciated

Kit is Nova connected to Neat SX2s via NACA5. Floor is modern suspended concrete construction and speakers are spiked through carpet.

I also own the Nova since 1 month :heart_eyes:.
Replace the NACA5 for QED XT40 Speaker cable. Also could be replaced the power line cable to a better one. A isolation unit will not help to improve the Sound, to me is wasted Money and looks not nice.

Hi Pomito,
Many thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I may just need to re evaluate my next change.


Let it break in for a few months and then decide if you need to tweak as the sound will be in flux for a while yet if my Atom was anything to go on so will be hard to judge if it’s actually helping.

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Here’s one I made myself for my Nova, certainly heard an improvement in sound quality.



I’ve had my Nova for about a month now and already noticed improvement in SQ compared to early days. Point regarding time for SQ to fully develop noted.

Saw your photo on another thread, part of the reason I asked for advice/thoughts. Are those Naim cups and balls?

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Yes they are.


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