Eros titan powerblock

I just received and installed the Eros titan powerblock. It very well made and have good reviews.
I can return it in 14 days. Will share very soon on sound quality.
My last powerblock costs around 350 euros, with attached power cable.
This one is more expensive ( 700) and i connected a kharma power matrix cable( around 400 euros).
Curious to see if the upgrade is here.

I thought that having led fluorescent display and power on/ off indicators were thought to be detrimental on power blocks. I know @Richard.Dane always advises against them , so be interested in your views after testing.

there is no power on/ off on it. The led indicates the numbers of the current. ( but don’t know more on this led ).

Your kharma cable should be a great match with the Titan. Both using just very high quality copper wire.
I would imagine a definite step up.

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both are new. 1 hour run in . How long do you think it will settle ? a bit bright for now or perhaps more neutral vs the last powerblock ?

Both cable and powerblock new?
Unfortunately I would imagine both to take longer than your 14 day trial. Maybe try the powerblock fed with an older cable first.
Although I’m coming from my experience of Nordost cables, which would put a BBC wildlife cameramans patience to test.
Yours might only need a day or two.

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after 3 hours, both new, the acidity is removing progressively. More to come… But, for now, i doubt i will return it.

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