Error 238


I’ve got a Naim Atom. I got the error message 238 after an update. I did the a couple of factory resets following the recommendation in past discussion about this problem. After the reset, the unit will not connect to the remote and after some time will just freeze. I contacted Naim about this issue that the fault happened only after doing the update and the response is “it’s more likely that the update uncovered an issue when it ran a diagnostic” and that I should send it for repair.

Anyone still experiencing or has experienced the Error 238?
Thank you in advance for your response.


As you say previous threads recommend a hard reset of the unit to clear the error.
I would unplug it from the wall socket and leave overnight.
Then power up and do reset again. Restart router and possibly try a cable connection to the router.
Only suggestions…

Hi Neilb1906,

Thank you for your response. I did that already a couple times and the unit will work only for some time but after a while the unit will freeze.



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