Errorcode 236

Hi everybody,

This evening I was listening to my Atom when the sound suddenly dropped and the display stated errorcode 236 (in Dutch).


The unit didn’t respond to the remote or to the display. After unplugging the unit all is working fine. Does anyone have a clue what this is?

Thanks, Stijn

Hi @DelStino

A 236 is a low level I2C bus error detected. It is feasible a heavy mains power disturbance could of caused it.

For now don’t worry about it, but if it keeps on repeating, get in contact with your dealer / Naim tech support.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your clear answer!

Greetings Stijn

Same error here after the 3.3.4 upgrade. First power button blinking without any response to buttons or remote. After restart error 236 without anything responding.

A couple of months back the Nova would not switch on and the power button flashed in a grouping of 3 4 9 which I assume was an error code. A full power unplug reboot eventually cleared it. I reported it to Naim but have not had a reply.

Today the Nova spontaneously rebooted with one heck of a thump in the speakers. In fact it struggled to reboot properly and I had to pull the plug again. I don’t know if it is connected to the first instance or not. Speakers seem to have surived but I hope it doesn’t happen again. I have reported it to Naim.

Has anybody come across error code 349?

Have you tried a full unplug reboot?

Yes I did. Unplugged overnight and plugged in this morning. Same error. Went to dealer this morning and Naim says it is a hardware fault and unit needs to be sent back to factory.

OK thanks.

I am having the same problem. This is my 2nd Uniti Nova - I’ve had so many problems with the flakey firmware; I’ve started uploading videos to YouTube to document them.

I got the 236 error followed by a loud, disconcerting “pop” when having to unplug the unit (again). I will never buy a Naim again - I am seriously concerned that it is going to damage my speakers.

Bringing back my 2nd Nova and pleading for a refund.

@CaptainJack Is the HDMI connected to a TV at all? Are you in touch with Naim support? If not, I would advise this.

Thank you Richard! I am returning my Nova (second one) today - a reply email from support finally arrived (previous emails to support were being returned because the mailbox was full!). The email said the blinking light indicates an internal fault and the unit must be returned to the dealer for servicing.

I can’t believe that something this expensive is so unbelievably bug-ridden and a serious risk to damaging my speakers.

I’m seeking out another brand of hi-fi components, I’m not willing to risk my speakers or money or time or patience on a Naim.

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