Ethernet cable. Cat6 or 6a

I need some shorter ethernet patch cables for switch, nas, 272 etc. Heard good reports of Blue Jean cables so I plan to order some short patch cables 0.5 and 0.75 metres. Can anyone advise weather I need cat6 or cat6a
Many thanks

You might have just opened Pandora’s box, I’m sure you’ll be as confused as the rest of us once the guys over on the cables thread respond. Good luck. :grin:


I and others listening to my system preferred the BJC Cat6a (greater bass extension and overall clarity, detail and soundstaging), which uses Belden bonded solid wire cables, like the BJC Cat 6. However, I then preferred the Belden CatSnake Cat6a cables from DesignaCable (floating option) which uses unbonded braided cables. They’re made up in the UK.


I need it as simple as possible otherwise my head might just explode :exploding_head:!!


Again good luck :scream:


You might try searching the forum, but maybe not as your sanity will be at serious risk.
I use MeiCord Cat6 between NAS-Switch-NDX & BlueJeans Cat6 between Hub-Switch.

IT & other sensible people question the need for a screen in a domestic environment (Cat6a) although the BlueJeans Cat6a screen is passive (not connected) & folks around the forum have an opinion it sounds better. Whatever you can buy any BlueJeans with confidence ,


I’ve had good results with regular Cat5e and Cat6 cables from Cable Monkey. They are proper certified and tested cables, and make even Blue Jeans look expensive by comparison.
There is an agrument that very short lengths of Ethernet cable can give worse results, and that you should keep them above 3 metres, or even longer if possible. Obviously this can make cable dressing an isolation more difficult.

Thanks ChrisSU,
I seem to recall reading about ethernet cable length and effectiveness. Thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking shorter patches for cable dressing purposes.

I find anything less than a metre doesn’t work too well. I also agree with DB that cable length has an impact on sound: short = more dynamic, longer = more textured (within reason).

Like Chris, I use a simple Cat6 cable from a company supplying certified Ethernet patch cables; in my case they come from Connectix Cable Systems (available through CPC Farnell).
I have tried Cat6 UTP and Cat6a STP, I consistently prefer UTP cables in my system.

The problem with selecting digital cables is that what passes through them isn’t music, but digital data. This means that digital cables don’t, of themselves, have any specific sound. They can however alter the digital noise presented to the player and this can influence how that player sounds, but the effect is completely unpredictable.

The effect is influenced by the components at each end of the cable and by the electrical noise in the environment. Since these vary from system to system and the electrical environment varies from house to house, just because person A finds specific sonic effects from a particular cable doesn’t mean person B will find the same effects (n fact they could find exactly the opposite effects from the same cable!).

The best thing to do is get a number of these inexpensive cables to see which one suits your ears in your system.


:small_blue_diamond:@StuW,…If you want a cheap,.and for that price good cable,then Blue Jeans cat6a is a good option.

And it was within this price-segment you were looking.
There are better,.much better cables,but then they also cost a lot more.

@frenchrooster is one of the few,.who really tested Blue Jeans Cable against much more expensive cables.
This is in the “Ethernet Switch and Cable Mania” thread.
His conclusion is as I write above.

As well,.we have tested 31 much more expensive ethernet/streaming cables,in lots of different music-systems around Sweden.
The differences in soundquality-level may vary a little from system to system.
But the quality difference between the respective cable is the same.

I hope you understand what I mean.

• And,.the length of these much more expensive cables,has been between 0,75m to 1,5m.

Good luck…

Go for the 6a. They are rather stiff so I wouldn’t go shorter than 75cm.

Another reason for longer Ethernet cables is that you can keep your network hardware such as routers and switches a good distance away from the HiFi equipment, along with their associated power supplies.

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It’s also worth noting that many people, including myself, tested the Blue Jeans Cat6a against much more expensive cables from the likes of Audioquest and Wireworld, and preferred the Blue Jeans.


Thanks guys. Looks like there is no consensus. Good to know to avoid short lengths of cable. I would like to have all the network hardware further from the Hifi but this would involve major rerouting work with multiple cables. As it stands network gear is about 1 metre away from Hifi rack. This is the best I can manage.
It sounds like the best thing to do is experiment with affordable cables and see which sounds best in my environment.

Where are you located? I have a shedload I could lend you…

FWIW I don’t anyone who didn’t prefer the BJC Cat6a to the Cat6, this of course being an invitation for hundreds to step in…


:small_blue_diamond:I wonder who these “many” are,.I must have missed something :wink::grin:.

But the majority of the “Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania”-thread,.is of the opinion that I relate to in my previous post.
As well,.as you can also note in my previous post.
We’ve tested a lot,.lots,in different environments.

• But it doesn’t matter,.you were looking for a relatively cheap cable,and then Blue Jeans Cable cat6a is good.


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Thanks Michaelb
I am up in the North East

Well, I’m down the other end - SE. But I could send you BJC Cat5e, Cat 6 and Cat6a for you to play with. DesignaCable CatSnake Cat5e as well in 1m and 2m lengths. @Richard.Dane could you send StuW my email by PM so we can sort this out if he is interested?


I can’t remember everyone, but I do remember HH sold off his Audioquest Vodka in favour of BJC.

Just as I remember you and FR and some of our Swedish audio group preferred the AQ and other cables to the BJC Cat6 (but without I think hearing the Cat6a).

MidnightRambler finds the same shortcomings in some if not perhaps most of the big-name cables audiophile cables that I do.

But I’ll admit “many” may not have been the best word. There weren’t really that many of us trying out the various different cables.