Ethernet cables - YOUR LISTENING Shooutout Summary

I said 3 forum members preferred the Sigma or the Omega to the Neet and Gecko said five. So I got curious which five.

Yes it’s the Swedish distributor who is also my dealer and has become a good friend of mine. He is however not the person claiming it is better than Shunyata.

And I am not trying to prove anything. I’m trying to make a point about how complex the chain is and how difficult it is to draw definitive conclusions about these things.


I understand your problem. The inclusion of Sigma into my system has just highlighted what a difference there is between the Core and streamed music. I never really noticed this difference with the Catsnake. I guess it just masked it? Now I have a distinct step in quality from streamed radio, Qobuz hi-def and stored music that never really existed before.


Imagine how the difference from core to a melco or innous server is :rofl:

Well, as I have mentioned previously, I demoed a Melco against the Core before deciding on which unit to purchase.

My dealer was convinced the Melco would win the day, but I preferred the Core. It sounded better with my Naim Streamer and integrated so much better. The Melco app/software was very ‘clunky’ to the extent it quickly became annoying.

So the Melco was out for me.

Not tried an Innous Server but again I have consistantly found that Naim products often work best with other Naim products. This includes Power and interconnect cables. Hats off to the folk in Salisbury…they know what they are doing. Although I believe both Snaic and Burndy cables require a little work.

I agree that there was little difference between the quality of streaming from local and remote sources when running CatSnake. However, the difference became very apparent when I switched to the AQ Diamond/SR Sigma combination. Despite further upgrades in the remote streaming path Music from the local server remains audibly better than the remote streaming source. Maybe this is to be expected. My dealer is adamant something is ‘wrong’ if local streaming does not sound better than remote streaming.


Maybe I need 4m of Ansuz D2 between router and switch. Only 4000 EUR.


You could fly to the USA, have a nice holiday and still pocket the change on a Shunyata Research streaming cable :-}

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I am in the same boat
When I tested melco I found the naim hdx better as pure server.
The innous zenith on the other hand was better than the hdx.

Lately I tested local vs quobuz again (after several upgrades) and I heared the same difference as before but in some songs tended to like the net streamed version more. It’s a taste wise decision - in hifi terms local is better.
Meaning - strangely the gap was not bigger between the 2 and it changed my view a bit.
As always - networking is some times real painful :smiling_face:

Why? So much cheaper there?

Go for it …:blush:

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For those who prefer ‘easy’ and ‘organic’ type of presentation vs ultimate resolution can recommend 2 options:

  • AQ Carbon as a cheap and still good
  • Network Acoustics ENO as more advanced in every aspect and still comfortable

The ENO never worked with my NDS. The NDS simply couldn’t start playing with it in the loop. When I contacted the manufacturer it seems like it is something ENO is doing that NDS doesn’t like. I guess they go outside protocol rules in some way.

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