Ethernet commands

Can anyone tell me if there are any commands I can send via Ethernet to wake up my Uniti atom from standby?
I use a Loxone automation system which can send commands out. (I can control my TV etc like this via Loxone)
Thank you.

You can use the Naim app to wake the streamer from Network Standby mode. Not sure why you would want to use a third party device given that you would normally be using the app to control it anyway?

There is not realy an ON command, but you can wake up your Atom and set an input with following command - in this case “Digital 1”:


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Thank you. I will try that. Is there a command to get it to enter standby too? :blush:

Sure, but only as PUT method. I choosed the fast way with one shelly device and this works only with GET.

As I suppose loxone should also support the PUT/POST method.
In this case you can use as follow:

For on: http://IP:15081/power?system=on
For off: http://IP:15081/power?system=lona


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