Turning Mu-so on and off with Apple Shortcuts

As much as I love my Mu-so’s (2 and Qb 2), I have two minor annoyances:

  • The Mu-so 2 is connected to an older TV (no HDMI-ARC) via Optical – selecting the digital input via the app or by pressing the source select button on the remote repeatedly gets a bit old, especially for other family members;
  • The Mu-so QB 2 is in my bedroom (with lighting off). When it goes into standby, it says goodbye with a light flash, which is annoying in a dark room when almost asleep. So I like to turn it off manually after listening, but IR from the bed is weak and the standby button in the app is hidden one level deep.

To make life a bit easier, I created a few Shortcuts to live on my iPhone, accessible one swipe from the lock screen without unlocking the phone:

The first ones (top row) turn on the Mu-so’s and select the digital input:

The second ones (bottom row) put the Mu-so’s into standby:

One-click happiness – peace ensues. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. :slight_smile:

Tip o’ the hat to @GF21 for setting me on the right track:


This is brilliant,

Do you know more shortcuts?
I always tried to get it to run but failed.

Quick Question - can Siri perform the Shortcuts?