EtherRegen vs EE?

Do we have consensus yet? :slight_smile:
And then there’s the Ansuz switch for 10x the price…
and the Cisco for 1/10th price…


Excellent topic.

Trouble is I am not sure how many have actually carried out a direct comparison.

I hope I am proven wrong!

Certainly a topic I would like to hear thoughts on from those who have been able to run a direct comparison.


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To my knowledge no one on the forum has yet.

I definitely preferred the ER to the Melco switch, though.

Uptone designed the ER from scratch - and they are open about the design rationale e.g. how it works to lower the noise floor.

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well, hope this is of help but … not sure there is, or there could be a consensus achievable or credible on these 2 switches here, or indeed that we need one. And I am saying this as someone who has actually tried both the ER and the EE in my own system (and I don’t recall anyone else posting to have tried and compared both, but may have missed it). There is a lot already existing to read about both switches on this forum alone and I have also posted my feedback previously. For those of us who have made their choice, a consensus is, I think, not that important (at least not for me in any way whatsoever), while for those still to buy their first switch nothing will replace a free trial at home, which is largely available. There are also, of course, factors in addition to just sound quality and system synergy that also play a part - cost, design, connectivity and ergonomics, need for power supplies, clocks, existing product support etc.

What I would say, though (and may be this is the consensus that could be more helpful?), is that it’s quite likely that one of these switches could significantly improve the sound quality of your streaming and the enjoyment from your streamed music. And with paying some attention to your home network and a bit of final tuning with trying a couple of ethernet cables for best system match you would be in a very good place for some time to go.
Otherwise, it might be a thread of likely (sorry) usual one sided views or, worse, easy scepticism.


That just about covers it.

Ah - I didn’t see that.
Will have a look for it.
Did you get the EE?

I’m sure one of our resident tweekers will step up and take that challenge. :smiley:

Hi ElMarko

I have to say the ER in my system is a substantial upgrade from no switch, or from 2 or 3 Cisco 2960s (e.g. in PoE configuration).

I am yet to try running the signal through my 2 PoE 2960s then into the ER and 272, so will update on that soon.

But just running router - ER - 272 it already sounds great.


Hi Pat,

You seemed to initially find no effect with the ER but did with the EE, but you were going to do some more listening sessions with SWMBO …did that happen, any subjective thoughts?


I’ve been watching your testing and interested to hear what you find. I’m good where I am and won’t be doing anymore tweaking until I get another box or two. :smiley:

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yes, did post in the EE thread, but the ER has worked well for most people, hence my comments above

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if you mean more listening to the ER or in parallel, I returned it before I got the EE. It was also a matter of their availability on the market at the time. Hope I understood well your question?

Hi Pat,

Yes, I was hoping you had been able to do back to back listening; but your original posts pointed at a clear ‘winner’ in your system.


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The Ciscos were a fun and good value tweak.

But the ER is not in my view a tweak.

It’s a really well designed and important audio component.

I’ll try taking it out in the next couple of days to confirm that.

But I would be amazed if my system doesn’t sound significantly worse without the ER.


Sounds good, I hope you build methods into your process to prevent confirmation bias so you get an honest evaluation.

Well for me the Cisco was marked improvement over my Netgear switch. But I’m not sure I want to spend more just yet.


Humm - could try a blind test…?

IIRC MichaelB did a blind test or two.

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Yes. On obliging family guinea pigs…