European elections - what happened to the thread?

The EU elections thread, whatever exactly it was called, seems to have disappeared.

Did it descend into too much unpleasantness since I last viewed it, to be withdrawn for moderating?

I was going to post this:

EU election final figures:

Brexit + UKIP parties = 5.8M out of total 1.2M votes cast. Nothing like the 17.4 M that voted for Brexit in the 2016 election, and only 33.7 of those who voted. So anyone who suggested that the EU election would be a resounding endorsement of the 2016 figures is clearly completely wide of the mark, as if they indicate anything at all in that regard it is quite the reverse (but of course the results can’t be taken as such an indication because that was not what the election was about).

Brexit+UKIP seats = 29 out of total 73 (39.7%), 5 seats gained from other parties, presumably mainly Conservative and Labour, who between them lost a mammoth 25 seats, so just 20% of them picked up by the pro-Brexit parties. Yes a success for Farrage, with a 20.8% increase in seats in his party compared to 2014, but some way short of a majority of the seats.

A complaint was made and a possible breach of forum AUP. I am investigating, so i have isolated the thread for the time being.

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Thanks for confirmation, Richard.