Eversolo DMP a6

I recently upgraded my Cambridge CXN V2 to the Eversolo DMP a6. I Use it with Roon to upsample to DSD. In my opinion it sounds much more accurate than the CXN V2. The placement is a lot better as is the sound stage. It sounds very good withe the supernait 2 with some PMC Twenty 23 and a sub (Mj Acoustics Pro MK 2)
What are your opin ions?

Greetings Jort

It will be even better if you put one of the aftermarket linear supplies in… fills out the bass and softens the ess coldness a bit… but ultimately I found it did not engage me with music, in my system /room/ears

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a mate bought one recently, said it was completely transformed by an external DAC

I have the a6 Master edition, the built-in Dac is quite a bit better than the Cambridge cxn v2 even with seperate Dac iFi zen one signature coupled to it by coax. Ok it ain’t a Naim streamer (that I could test but not pay).

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