Everything has gone mono!

I have a problem that I have lost stereo. With stereo selected, I get left speaker only. Both speakers work when mono is selected. By swapping the line inputs L/R to my 282, the left still only works.

By my reckoning, the source and DAC are not the issue. Also, as both speakers work on mono then it is not my 250DR.

That leaves the 282 or the two PSUs as the issue. I had the 282 serviced recently, but could still be a random issue.

I am thinking to remove all the PSU interconnects and reconnect them in case it is a poor connection or perhaps interchange the PSUs and see if the problem moves to the other speaker. Each PSU, as I understand it, powers one channel in the 282.

Any advice on other things to try before I have to make a guess on what to get away for repair?


So, swapping the PSUs made no difference but changing the RCA plugs from the CD to the AUX2 ones has fixed it. Therefore, my 282 must have an internal issue on the CD input. Hopefully, I won’t have the same issue with the AUX2 input as the 282 only has the two sets of RCA inputs!

Hopefully, this is not indicative of a wider internal issue, or I need to talk to Darran.