Everything’s Gone Green

When I bought an NDX2, I never really liked the plastic remote, so I acquired a metal ND555 remote, in a swap for my NDX2 remote. Recently I sold the NDX2 and bought a Nova. I included the brand new Nova remote with the NDX2 and kept my metal remote.

Now, I could have sworn they both illuminated white, but only yesterday, over two years since getting it, I thought, hang on, this remote lights up green. I found an old thread from 2019, which explained that the Uniti remotes light up white, whereas the NDX2 and ND555 remotes light up green. So I’ve given the buyer of my NDX2 the wrong remote. Not that they have mentioned it, so it’s not an issue.

But there was me thinking that I’d embraced white with my Nova, yet still the classic Naim green remains! I don’t know if the NSC222 has a white remote like the Unitis - I imagine it does.

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I must confess the last remote I bought for a Naim product (my CDX2) cost around £10 and also works on Arcam, Quad etc

I just long for simpler days

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The NSC222 remote is illuminating white and is very similar to the Unity remote however the circle lights (the volume indicator) are dots rather than short line dashes - that’s how I remembered which is which when having both at home.

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