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My comment was this thing we have in Britain called a ‘joke’.

But, yes, great idea for me to contact a very busy hifi dealer and ask him whether he uses a backwards apostrophe in his name!

The relevance of the strange ‘joke thing’ was that you were perhaps being a wee bit precious about spelling, so I pretended to be a wee bit precious about puncutation.

Geddit, Iain!!!

Anyone who thinks my coffee is good enough to serve to his customers has to be good or brave or both. The fact that they are friendly and helpful in matters hi-fi is the icing on the cake. I think we were introduced, KJC, at least I cannot imagine there were 2 people buying an ND555 yesterday.

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Crikey, what a kindly thread! Anglo Welsh (but in north Norfolk?). I’m too slow witted to figure it out, David, but Andy put two and two together. I hope he’s right.

Thanks very much for the comments and to MrUnderhill for starting it. I never realised you were he! Getting doorway widened to accommodate heads as I write.


Your coffee is superb Nick…much much better than Costa or Starbucks…but tends to be more expensive in the long run😬

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ah, the damning with faint praise approach! :wink:

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Andy is correct as he usually is. What they say about 2 brains being better than one is correct!!

Hi NAJB, yes, it was I. Good to meet you. I confess I only drank the tea. I’ll have to sample the coffee on another occasion!

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Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Enjoy your nd555 Kevin

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More a case of HiFi Nervosa methinks.

In doing minor move the one of the XLRs was failing to quite grip, and I felt the SQ had taken a dip; It had, but nothing to do with the 300 DR XLR.

Alastair handled it all superbly, including listening top the head unit back at base and changing out the less grippy XLR.

In the meanwhile I slipped my old 250 back in, real very good.

The swapped the 300DR back in , really very very good!

I swapped an email with a friend saying it is just a ‘tad’ better, his reply was …what? About 232% better??

This gets into an invidious area as improvement is in the ear of the beholder. So to me the improvement is in all areas, including detail & dynamics; to my wife and daughters …not so much.

Another thumbs up for “Signals”!

Last July we spent a few days in Suffolk on hols, I’d heard of “Signals” so thought I’d have a look at their website…as you do. They had a pre loved NDX at what I considered to be a good price so called them at very short notice and arranged a demo. They were very attentive and made my wife and I feel very comfortable despite being in the middle of a big demo, subsequently the NDX was purchased!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the display was just showing a line of gobbledegook, so switched it off and back on and the screen died completely.

It came with 12 months return to base warranty so I contacted Alastair and he immediately arranged a returns note to Naim and rather than me taking it back to Suffolk he had it sent from my home address to Salisbury. Long story short it arrived back here today with a new display and logo and a software update!

Service indeed!


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Picked up some cables today on a quite Tuesday,:grin:when everyone turned up, Alistair was still worried i had not had my second coffee. He is a bit bashful of the love and attention of this thread…but it sounds like some of the regulars are bringing him around to the idea…he and Andy are by and large getting it spot on.


With the 300DR back in place my system is ABSOLUTELY cooking on gas, superb.

Three additional tuning moves:

  1. Turn off the Oppo 105D during the listening sessions;
  2. Disconnect cables from Oppo to Allegri; and
  3. DItch the Klimax DS XLR outputs in favour of the SE.

(3) was me being lazy in my thinking. As I used the balanced out for my EAR868pl, into its balanced inputs. The Allegri only has SE inputs. Moving to the Klimax SE outputs has added detail and made the soundfield, you know - that thing that SBLs don’t do, so much more precise.


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