Exemplary Naim Customer Service

@Richard.Dane , and all.
I was having major problems getting the Naim App to find my NDS. It has been disconnected for a while and something must have changed. I tried everything, and rebooted and tested, and rebooted and tested, for hours and hours to no avail.
As dealer support here is basically nonexistent (I did try that first), I sent an email to Naimaudio Support and I wasn’t expecting anything too quick, after some of the bad press posted here regarding Naim service.
I sent the email late on a Friday and first thing Monday had a helpful reply from Jordan Baker at Naim UK. After a few back and forths, and then some assistance from Michel Rousseau at Focal Naim America, which was instigated by Jordan, we got the problem solved in 2 days and the NDS connects every time now.
Just excellent service and I thought all here should know just how well the Naim Service Department can operate when called upon.



Well done. What was the issue?

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There were two or three things that had changed since I had the NDS connected last time, so it made the ‘process of elimination’ strategy more difficult. I never had all of them set correctly at the same time.

One item was the IP address. The NDS chose it’s own and didn’t seem to be doing it with the DCHP.
Another thing was having both a 2.4g and a 5g network of the same name, turned on at the same time, so modem/router configuring.
Then, also having the NDS and the tablet on the same network as my modem has a WiFi only visitors network as well. I have 1 gig service with fibre right to the modem so things are stable.
Initially, I turned off the 5g network as per their suggestion, but I was getting some signal drops which I’ve never had before here, so I switched it to the 5ghz network only and it’s been great. So, the bandwidth doesn’t matter, the App just doesn’t like two networks available.
So all good now, yay Naim …