Experience with Gaia’s under SCM40?

On the below website the reviewer stated that the Gaia’s don’t go so well with closed system speakers as the ATC SCM40. Does anyone here have a different experience than the reviewer?


I used Gaia’s under the passive and active versions of the 40’s and found them to he helpful in the same ways other folks on this forum and elsewhere have described their effect (tighter bass, soundstage, etc). Note that I used them in a room with a ‘sprung’ floor (wood joists, plywood subfloor, hardwood flooring surface) which I expect has a different impact vs. a solid floor. The floor type is not specified in that review. Also interesting the reviewers didn’t mention the mid-range issue with the Townshend product - not sure that jibes with their reasoning regarding infinite baffle designs and the Gaia’s. In the end, I think they are worthwhile to try them out - used sets come up for sale pretty frequently or new ones are easily returned with many retailers (or sold on for little loss) if you don’t like them.


Interesting read, I use Townshend podiums and really rate them. Never heard of Primacoustic RX12 but will investigate as looks like they do a sale or return.


Thanks! Very helpful! :blush:

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