Exporting Playlists in the Naim App to Roon

So I have a few Playlists created in the Naim App, under ‘UPnP Playlists’ but wish to export them into Roon.
The Music library is the same.
Any ideas?

If the playlists were created on the Naim app, they are stored in the app on the device. Assuming it’s an iOS device, you can find the .m3u files in an iTunes or iCloud backup of the device. From there, there is probably a way to get them into Roon, although I haven’t tried it.

…this might help:

Good luck!

Just back to this - the Naim App Playlist files, once you have got to the files on the iOS Device in iTunes

These files are with the .nmpl type, and unknown to Windows.
They are infact XML files, however with xml-stylesheet, the treeview is

And the actual XML

Certainly not a M3U format.

I have tried pointing Roon at a folder with these Playlists in, incase it could import them, but nothing.

I believe the location is referenced by the UPnP Server, so the URI address, of say is generated following the UPnP scanning and indexing the Library locations. And since Roon does not reference a UPnP schema, it is not going to able to understand the location.

So will have to manually recreate these, or just access them from the Naim App only, given I maintain a default UPnP server, even though playback to the NDS is exclusively through Roon and the UPnP Bridge now.

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