Exposure 5010 against Naim hierarchy

The top Exposure 5010 system (pre and two mono blocks) is called in one of the reviews “classic British hi-fi at its best”. Very intriguing. Even more so, when considering the 5010’s price tag. Any opinion on where to position 5010 against Naim separated amplification hierarchy? Has anyone out there made a move from Naim to 5010, or the other way round? What is the trade-off to be expected? Thank you.

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The Exposure 5010 is priced just below 300DR level. Would be interesting to compare them with 135s.

There are factors that keep their pricing down. They are not widely known and don’t seem to advertise.

The casework is very bland. Not sure I could live with it vs Naim.

Having said that 2 x 200 watt monoblock amps at a good price could be tempted.

From reviews they are meant to be very good amps and compare favourably with Naim.

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Including their 5010 pre amp. Include a 282 or 252 in the 300DR pricing and the difference is quite a lot :slightly_smiling_face: Pricing in Sweden is

Exposure 5010 amp. 2 mono boxes = 4660 GBP
Pre amp Exposure 5010 = 2410 GBP
Total pre amp + 2 mono blocks = 7070 GBP

Review in HIFI News.

Certainly the 5010s had no problem with the loudspeakers I chose to employ
– PMC OB1s and the compact but rather unusual Neat Iota Xplorers [HFN Jul ’18] – and in both cases made the most of the quality on offer from my Naim NDS network player to deliver a big, authoritative sound, packed with fine detail.

Rather as with some other British-built minimalist amps once thought to be great for rock but perhaps not the prime choice for, say, intimate jazz or delicate classical works, this Exposure trio shows clear all- round ability, and is at home thundering out music at full charge as they are when
delighting with the sheer amount of clarity and information on offer.



That looks nice and bang tidy.

There are some worrying stories about Exposure’s reliability but do agree that the 5010 set could be tempting. Their sound is often compared to Naim.

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What are the reliability worries out of interest?

It would be interesting to hear from someone who has them and has done comparisons with the 300 or other Naim amps.

I never bothered to retain the details on the reliability issues due to lack of personal interest in owning the brand, but obviously an internet search could produce some enlightenment. I believe it was various component failures that were described which required service and repair with a MTBF higher than average. I am certainly not dissing the brand at all as component failure happens to all manufacturers, including Naim. Would be nice to hear the 5010 amplification I must admit…

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Indeed. Exposure have always produced great sounding, no nonsense products. They also offer the VXN active crossover so you could build a rather nice active setup.


Apparently Kudos may be doing their own active crossover…….not hostage to the foibles of other brands.


The 5010 mono power amps are £5490 in UK and the preamp £2410.

There are quite a bit more than a 282 HiCap 300 system new. I wouldn’t buy a Naim system at that level new.

Is the 5010 system worth it vs a used 282 300DR system?

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It’s many years since I’ve heard anything of Exposure, or their components. They used to be held in the same sort of esteem as Naim, but their actual ‘exposure’ seems to have dropped off the radar.

The company used to be based just along the South Coast from where I live, in Portslade. It may be there still, although I assumed that it had disappeared altogether.

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Yes, they are in Lancing.

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Are you sure? The exposure looks much cheaper?


Ignore that part of my last post. The exposure are cheaper than a new 282 HiCap 300 system.

If buying used 282 HiCap 300 the prices would be similar to the Exposure 5010.

I wonder how they compare


The mono block looks very tidy with a nice big transformer.


I was actually quite close to going with the top Heed pre/PS and mono blocks, which are quite similar to Naim in design approach and sound. But then a great used 252 came up, and here we are. There is something I find quite appealing about mono blocks. Off course Linn do a nice pair too…


Yes it seems Naim have moved away from the mono-block approach, that is of course unless one is considering the Statement Amplifier instead :grinning:


I will never be parted from my NAP135s, unless it be to have them sent back to Salisbury for servicing and recapping, which is long overdue.

I couldn’t afford the NAP 500s, which might pull the aluminium shelves off the wall anyway, so there’s nothing else in the Naim roster that I could go for (I certainly wouldn’t want to replace them with a NAP300).


Exposure back in the day, from one of my old Hi-Fi Review mags (1987)