Extended Warranty. Does it apply to customers from other countries?

Hello Everyone! I am planning to get Naim Uniti Atom and wondering if the Extended Warranty would apply to customers like me from the USA. On the Naim website, it states " For UK customers, … ". Can anyone confirm?

Thank you!

The extended warranty for the UK is UK only and provided by Naim as distributor for the UK. For the US warranty terms you should get in touch with Focal Naim America, who are distributors there. IIRC, it’s 5 years for electronics and 2 years for mechanics.

Thank you Richard. Focal Naim America confirms it’s 5 years for electronics and 2 for mechanics for US customers.

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Hi, who should we contact if bought in Spain?

Hi Igro. Im sorry I dont know. I suppose Richard can help you. My guess would be to contact to Naim distributor in Spain. if you can find out which company that is, then you could find out the warranty info. Good luck!

@Igro @Should-i

It’s the only one listed, so I guess that’s the one


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