Extended Warranty

I can’t remember if I registered my SN3, how would I find out?
Also, the t&c’s state that it excludes CD/DVD laser transports, components and hard drives, what does it mean by components? Does this refer solely to cd’s? My balance pot is duff and I’ve held off returning it due to possible long delays, it’s 2 years old in Sept so I just want to make sure I’ll be covered after that. @Richard.Dane can you clarify the above?

Hollow, if you contact Naim with the serial number they should be able to tell you. If your balance pot has failed or gone bad then that should be covered under warranty. You should arrange repair through your Naim dealer.

Ok thanks Richard, I’m just trying to ascertain if I need to get it sorted prior to the 2 year time limit. I’ll contact support. Can you shed any light on the t&c’s?

If it were me, I’d get it sorted ASAP.

As to the T&Cs it refers to laser transports and their components, and hard drives as items that are excluded.

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