External CD drive for ripping

Hi all - quick question. What’s a good external drive for ripping CDs? Something that’s an upgrade from the Mac superdrive, reasonably priced (sub £50), and available from Amazon. I seem to remember @HungryHalibut recommending one in another thread somewhere, but have completely lost track of that one…

I’m getting errors and discs spat out of the Apple drive and it’s starting to subs a bit clunky. I suppose I could try and recalibrate it, but it’s 10 years old already…

Many thanks in advance!

To you, sir, £29.99.

When Melco first attended the Bristol show they were demonstrating and recommended an Hitachi/LG drive that cost about £20 at Argos, Ryman, Curry’s.
They worked but lasted about 500 or so discs, they were replaced under guarantee in the first two years.
In a rash moment I then bought a Buffalo BDXL in a sale and have to say it is quieter, less vibration and reads discs that had failed before.
I just looked it up, £153 on Amazon, thats a 50% increase!
I know it is over your price limit, but then, may depend on how many discs you want to copy?

I have an Asus, the brand seems to be well regarded in various websites that know CD ripping.
As with all remote DVD drives, take care over the USB link wire, we now have USB-C in the mix.

that’s the one - many thanks!

I think I have to rip 400/500, so perhaps an increase in the budget is warranted

Looks just like my Apple Super Drive

I’m not sure why. Mine has ripped hundreds.

Melco d100…
Yess - too expensive… but it makes a difference. Never thought it would be so.
If there is an external teac, you could try. Some rip-servers use teac drives.

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I honestly don’t think the name on the drive makes any significant difference (Naim use Teac, Samsung, Hitachi, etc, etc, in their devices). I’m convinced its all about the software you use. I’ve used Exact Audio Copy (but I know db Poweramp is very popular, too) and didn’t hear any differences compared to Naim’s custom software from the HDX rips.

I own a melco d100 and an hdx. D100 through dbpoweramp is a bit better than the hdx rip.

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