External cd-transport to HDX - re-ripping CDs

Have not tried to connect - as I assume that it is not working.

Currently I am re-ripping my cds at my Mac (db poweramp) with melco d-100.
Have compared the rips with the ones done native to my hdx (new rip copied to the hdx).

The d-100 rips sound a bit fuller and softer. Hdx rips a bit cleaner.

I would be really interested how the rips would sound, when d100 would be connected to the hdx. D100 as transport - hdx doing the ripping.

Do not think that hdx allows an external cd drive? Correct?

You can only rip with the built in CD drive on the HDX. If you want to use a different one just attach it to a computer and stick the files in the Downloads folder.

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That’s what I am doing right now. Ripping via d100 to Mac and copying to hdx.

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