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Hello, I need your help. My system consists of an NDX, a NAC 282, a NAP 250 and a Hicap. I want to connect an external Chord Qutest DAC to it. Can you tell me which sockets I should connect this DAC to and if there are any settings to modify on the NDX. Thank you.

You’ll need a coaxial BNC to BNC cable (75 Ohm) to connect NDX to Qutest. Naim do one, but there are plenty around at various price points. Mark Grant cables are very good, for little money.

Use the digital out connection on the NDX

Enable the digital output in the NDX menu (native setting should be fine)

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Thank you very much James n.
I’ll check but I think I have a Naim DC1 cable. Since I got into Hi-Fi, I have managed to fill a large box with cables of all kinds. I keep you informed.
Good day.

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A couple of other things to consider:

Leave the DIN cable in place between NDX and 282. It will no longer carry a signal, but it ensures that the amp still has the correct ground connection via the NDX, assuming that is your only source.

Try different output settings on the Qutest. The default 3V is high for a Naim amp, and will reduce the useable range of the 282 volume control even more. I would probably go for the lowest 1V setting, but just use whichever sounds best for you. (Obviously the higher setting can sound better on first impressions simply because it’s louder, so adjust the volume to compensate before you decide.)


Good point, Chris. The OP can disable the analogue outputs too whilst they are at it. (set main out to disabled)

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Leave the DIN cable in place between NDX and 282. It will no longer carry a signal, but it ensures that the amp still has the correct ground connection via the NDX, assuming that

Thanks to you two. I’m going to take some time and make sure to ask you the right connection questions that are bothering me. To tell you the truth, I talked about the Nucleus that I wanted to add to my system. In reality, the Nucléus is the new kid who should perhaps join a system that is already well or even overly wired with other equipment: a Roon Nucléus, a Mutec MC-3, a Wattson, a MacBook Pro and a BlueSound that I use to from Roon, Audirvana and JRiver software and the use of wifi does not simplify things. I will therefore think and wonder if the addition of the Nucléus is justified because apart from the connections, each accessory has its own specificities depending on the connections. I managed as best I could to get everyone to agree but it seems that the arrival of the Nucleus made me lose all my bearings. I’ve had my NAIM system for eight years and I sometimes wonder if I should go back to basics and therefore simplicity?

I think there’s a lot to be said for simplicity. It might be worth stripping out all the non-essential bits and pieces you have accumulated and see how your system performs. You might be pleasantly surprised! Do you really need Roon, JRiver and Audirvana in addition to the regular Naim UI? Maybe just pick one and stick with it, although there can sometimes be a dilemma if you have to choose between functionality and sound quality.

This is not devoid of common sense. the audiophile sometimes takes precedence over the music lover.

I was unable to connect my Qutest to my Naim system. I’m going to put it on standby for a while.
In the meantime, I will follow ChrisSU’s advice and experiment with my system with only Roon which is essential for me for its incomparable functionalities and the Naim application which between us could use a good facelift.

Michelet75, I’ve translated your post into English. Please ensure all posts are in the English language. There are free online translation facilities available such as Google translate to help you. Thanks.

THANKS. Sorry Richard.Dane ! Inattention that happens to me more frequently with age…

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You have to connect NDX to QTEST by BNC to BNC. You need a BNC to BNC cable.

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The most heavily optimized 75r coaxial digital cables being made today are actually for video. I used to use the audiophile variety of S/PDIF cables (my most spendy was $1k) and they are better than cheap BJC 1694a stuff. But, professional grade RG-11 12G-SDI cables are the best sounding coaxial digital cables I have ever used or heard. No price caveats.

Canare L8-CUHD & Belden 4731R. You can buy either made by Laird (fully tested and certified) for under $50 for a 2m cable. These are the most advanced, bleeding-edge 75r cables on the planet right now. Not hyperbole. They can carry an 8K video signal further & purer than any other copper cable. Full stop.

There are only two downsides. 1) They are very stiff & 2) they take forever to break-in.

I sold all my audio-based 75r S/PDIF cables after trying these.


Correct. The only company on the planet right now that makes certified 75r BNC-RCA/RCA-BNC adapters is Canare. And they are getting hard to find. Using nearly any other adapter is going to expose one to generating internal reflections due to the impedance mismatch.

I used an Oyaide DB-510 BNC-BNC 1.3 m cable and I am satisfied with it.


I wrote down these tips in a corner that I will be sure to try when the time comes.

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Happens to many of us as we get older.

Welcome to the Forum


old age is a shipwreck… Fortunately, with a little lucidity we won’t end up getting out of it. All this to say that my Qutest is connected correctly and that it works perfectly.
Thanks for your help.


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