External power supply and NDX if only used as transport

I am getting an external dac and using my NDX only as a source using digital out. I currently have an external power supply on my NDX. Should I only use the NDX as a digital transport, I’m assuming there is no value in keeping an external power supply on my NDX? Am I right in this assumption?

The main benefit of the power supply is of course the low noise voltage for the analogue stages. However, if you use coaxial output, there may be a slight benefit to reducing the piggyback noise that may enter the external DAC and get picked up by that unit’s analogue stage. But that really depends on how sensitive that DAC is and even then, the difference is so minor as to be no way to justify the cost of keeping an external PSU. If you heard a difference using the external PSU, that would put you in a minority.


Thanks @feeling_zen appreciate the input

Looking at your profile, I had exactly the same setup of NDX and PS. Whilst it made a big difference to the analogue outputs, its effect on the digital output when the NDX was used as a transport was more subtle. More noticeable with a Metrum DAC, minimal with Devialet. So minimal, I eventually moved the PS on and used the NDX internally powered again.

Best try it for yourself when you get your new DAC and make up your mind that way.

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Thanks @james_n I have a dac coming from Gilbert Yeung. He does a lot with energy in his systems so it will be interesting to see if it makes any difference. My thinking is the external ps on the Ndx will be negligible. You and another in this thread have confirmed the same. Thanks!

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