External Power Supply Compatibility

I have a an old Nait 5 & I’m looking to upgrade with an external PSU, but I can’t find any information on which external power supplies are compatible. Because of its age, the Nait 5 manual only mentions a Flatcap 2; but I was wondering if any of the newer external PSUs are compatible?
Any help, would be much appreciated.

You can use the Hicap or even a Supercap too (both original and DR versions)

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The Nait 5 is a lovely thing. Any of the later flatcaps will work happily with it, but I’d be wary of a Hicap, which can unbalance things.

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You can use a Flatcap, Flatcap2, Flatcap 2x, Flatcap2xs, HICAP, HICAP DR, Supercap, or Supercap DR.

Using Supercap on the NAIT 5 probably doesn’t make a great deal of financial sense, but a Flatcap 2/2x/2xs or even HICAP is rather good, and not so expensive. Do note that you’ll need a SNAIC 4 along with the SNAIC 5 that comes with the PSU.

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Can you use a SuperCap DR with a SN2?

Would it sound the same as the hicap DR?

(Setting up an upgrade in future to the 252)

It would be great it Naim produced a ‘Compatibility/Interoperability Matrix’ illustrating which components will work with which other components.

Yes. It would be better.


The product page on the Naim website, and the relevant manual, tells you what PSU upgrades can be used.

Chris - sadly the Nait 5 is so old, that it doesn’t have a product page on the Naim site (not one I’ve found). My Nait 5 manual, similarly old, only mentions Flatcap 2.

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