External ssd or hard drive

I’ve got a uniti Star with all my music stored on a Ext hard drive connected to the rear USB. However it’s stating to play up, so wondering if it’s better to get a ssd instead of hard drive. I’m looking at at a 2tb sized one.
Anybody got any preference for me please.

Samsung T3 2tb works well for me and has lasted well so far with lots of read/writes.

Just be aware that an SSD drive is no guarantee against failure, as the recent failure of my Crucial 1TB SSD has underlined. And unlike a regular hard drive, once an SSD fails, that’s pretty much it - unrecoverable - whereas a regular HDD will often give clues that it’s starting to fail and can often be at least partially recovered. As ever, always best to keep regularly updated back ups.

I have had trouble with usb stored music and had to reformat the usb external device to ntsc or ex fat but beware you lose everything on it so back up.

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve gone for Wd my passport 4tb ext HD in the end. I’ve always backed up my music to my pc plus another ext had.

I went down the route of using a QNap NAS with four WD Red 6TB drives running RAID 5. I then use the Minim Server music App. Works wonderfully. Have it set up in my study with wired LAN cables connected to my Nova. I use a Bluesound Vault to rip music and save to server. Also save hi-res downloads to server. I highly recommend the setup as the NAS system covers drive failure as there is always multiple data storage and recovery. The Nova picks it up instantly as a music server and with the Minim App you can locate scroll through genres, titles, artists etc.

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