Factory Lead Time Supernait 3

Hi all, I am a recent convert to NAIM products after a recent visit to a local dealer. I have taken the plunge and ordered a Supernait 3 as an upgrade to Audiolab pre and power amps. Could anyone give a likely lead-time for the Supernait 3 from the factory?

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Welcome SmudgeT.

I can’t answer your question, and I’m not sure anyone else on here can either. The person who will know the answer best is your Naim dealer. I’m sure the wait will be worthwhile though.


It’s normally 6 to 8 weeks I was waiting 6 weeks for nap 300 and the same for 252 and supercap

That’s not too bad — was told it’s 2 months for a garden shed, and 3 months if one wants its installed…

I also sent my 300dr back to naim for faulty power button and I was told today it’s on the way back which will be 6 weeks for repair turn round because of covid. Not so bad as I live in ireland.

Luckily no sausages involved when repairing Naim…

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