Factory Tour

I’m booked in for a factory tour on Friday the 30th of June. If anyone else is around and would care to join me I’d love the company.


I’m off in that week prior to join my new job the week after. Need to check with the other half. If she’s ok, how to get on the list?

It’d great to catch up. I need to send an email with names by the end of next week. I’ll see if Richard can put us in touch by email.

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Have a great time…….unfortunately cannot make that date…….good luck with the Nait 50😉


That would be a great opportunity. Assuming it is still an option, please count me in.

Thanks, Ian

Pete, if there is a space, I would be pleased to join you. I haven’t been for some years and not since the new demo room. Ironically I’m house hunting in the west country, so I can combine the two.
@Richard.Dane is welcome to pass on my contact details to you.

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Pete, would be great to meet you and some other folks; and visit Naim !

If room for one more I’d love to come along… :crossed_fingers:

I’d love to come along if there’s space.

Could you put me on the list if there’s room please?

Many thanks


What a shame, I’m at a talk on song writing by Richard Thompson on the 30th, have a great time Pete.

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Nice one for securing this and inviting folks along, it will be a great day. I won’t be able to make it, but I’ll be thinking of you all.

I might be in the vicinity then, but won’t know before the end of this week.

Come on Mike jump on a plane life’s too short. Put down to business, inspecting civil works in the UK. :grin:


Pete, have you been told how many you can have with you? There’s usually a limit depending on staffing conducting the tour.

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Richard I was seeing how many could come and then see if it’s ok. Like all things they’re be people that drop out.

Ohh, Naim factory tour - wouldn’t be too sure about there being drop outs for that! :thinking:


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OK, but I think Mark is doing the tour and there will probably be a limit on numbers of somewhere between 5 and 10 (probably nearer 5 if he’s on his own). We can see what the number looks like after the weekend.

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It’s just I’ve heard of these forum members get togethers on factory tours. It’s not like I’m going to do this again.

Apologies Pete in replying to your post, mine has accidentally deleted.

I failed in my earlier post, to acknowledge and thank you for the invitation!

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I problems I thought it was funny.