Fake Naim

I saw an advert, while I was browsing the net a couple of days ago, for a NAIM headphone amplifier, which I assumed would be a Headline.

But closer inspection revealed a two box device bearing the legend on the back, as follows: ‘Designed and made in China by caowei’. So, I assume, counterfeit, but they looked pretty darned good.

Is this a problem for Naim in that part of the world?

Undoubtedly counterfeit and a breach of trademark. There are all sorts of bits being offered online, usually from China, branded as “Naim”. Luckily it’s pretty obvious (to both eyes and likely also ears) that they’re not the real thing.

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There is also a vast market of counterfeit cables made in China. They sometimes even look like the real deal on the outside. Buyer beware.

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Also for sale are kits and schematics to build classic CB and Olive gear.

Unlike actual “counterfeit” which fools people, as Richard said, this stuff is pretty obvious either visually or because of other factors like silly prices ($150 for a NAP250). I don’t think these knock offs have any negative impact on revenue. The people who buy this stuff were never going to count as prospective customers anyway.


I think it’s more of “a problem for everyone from that part of the world” :crazy_face:

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Good point.

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