Farad PS for Qutest

Does anyone use the Farad powersupply on their Qutest and what are/were your findings?

@Fourlegs can probably give you the low-down.


Just responding as my name was mentioned by @MrUnderhill .

I tried various LPS with the Qutest including MCRU and SBoooster with Ultra Mk2 upgrade, along with a couple of others that I cannot recollect and the Farad Super3.

Out of all of them I preferred the Farad Super3 and so that is what I use with my Qutest and I am very happy with it.

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Can you describe the difference it made? I’m interested as I have a Qutest but I’m using the basic mains plug that came with it.

To be honest I didn’t like what it did to the Qutest.
It took away the Naimness in my opinion. Yes it was blacker and more silent with it and also more pronounced details and tingles/clashes. Instrument separation also was more obvious. However the fun and boogie factor went down in my opinion.
To be honest the bare Qutest sounded better. However, I found the difference of the bare Qutest vs bare ND5XS2 so small that I can’t imagine how people can justify it in combination with a SN3. I did upgrade the mains cable of the ND5XS2 and that had a bigger impact than adding the Qutest to it. I will send back the demo unit tomorrow. If the difference between ND5XS2 and NDX2 is similar as this then no way I am ever upgrading my ND5XS2 to NDX2.
Adding Hicap DR was a much much bigger difference than adding a Qutest and is nearly the same price.

That’s really interesting. I found a big difference between my bare ND5 XS2 and feeding the digital out of that into my Qutest. I liked it so much I’ve now added an MScaler. Mind you speakers and amp will be playing their part in the difference I notice. It seems to me to be clearer, detailed, more defined soundstage but no loss of foot tapping factor for me. I have a Rega Aethos and am changing from Kef R3 to ATC SCM 19s

I didn’t mean the bare Qutest lost boogie factor. Adding the Farard did that in my opinion.


Nick mentioned the SBooster + Ultra II, which is what I use. Gave a nice step up in my system.


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:+1:yep that’s how I read it. Cheers. Robert

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