Fault 34 "DSP DAC not booting"

Doh! Christmas eve and after restarting my 272, after it was not being found as a device it has failed to play and displayed the ‘Fault 34’ message. A quick search shows only a couple of references to this by @jgolf53

I disconnected my power supply as suggested in the threads and restarted the 272. Luckily it has restarted and can play music (and not reconnected the 555PS yet), however is this a sign of a bigger problem? Won’t be able to get in touch with Naim support or my retailer as its Christmas. Anyone else had this problem?


your lucky…my NAC272 never restarted and and yet another new fault message was displayed “Fault 34 BridgeCo init fail” I spent hours on the phone with Naim support in Salisbury to no avail. My PreAmp Streamer is now in their hands…and has been there since Nov 2nd. Continued good luck!

Thanks @jgolf53 and sorry to hear about your problems with the 272. Looks like it’s just you and me that have had this problem and I have been lucky. Hope you get it sorted soon👍

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