Favorites doesn't shows up on unity star

Hi everyone,

I have a small issue on my Unity Star : when i add a song or an album to favorites, i can see them on the naim app and play them, but they do not appear on the unity screen when i press the favorites button on the remote or the unity’s front panel.

Does anyone has ever encounter this issue ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I can only see my radio favourites on the front panel. I assume this tied in with the fact that the local server can only be accessed via the app.

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Yes it make sense…i’m still struggling with this second rate app, the unity is awesome in every ways except that so called app…
Anyway i assume it can be possible to add some favorites from the local server ? Otherwise it would be total nonsense to me…

You can create favourite tracks and albums that are on your local server but I think they only display in the app not on the Star.

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