Favourite Albums with that one track you want to skip

Yes, for all his (immense) talent, Paul McCartney let the odd real stinker slip out, but usually not more than one per album.

What about that Ob La Di nonsense on The White Album?

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Ob la Di or what ever it was called was number 1 in many counties both by the Beatles and Marmalade. Wish I had written it.


Woodface by Crowded House.

Skipped track…Chocolate Cake.

The rest is sublime.


It’s a great track. Ask Tammy Baker!! Lol.

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hard call to make (re: Woodface by Crowded House ~great album!)

Jamiroquai : A Funk Odyssey = - twenty zero one

the Offspring : Smash = - Killboy Powerhead
(also only song that is a cover)

The Prodigy : Music for the Jilted Generation = - Claustrophobic Sting

I like this game

For me it’s any Nils Lofgren album with Keith Don’t Go on it :grinning: