Favourite Albums with that one track you want to skip

Most of us, I imagine, have a few albums which are in constant rotation. Some albums have filler tracks and some have songs that you always skip on stream or CD and have to struggle through on LP.
There are a few that come to mind.
Bye Bye Love on Bridge Over Troubled water. Always glad when it’s over.
Eels, Daisies of the Galaxy is an album I really enjoy, except for ‘Its a mother’lover.’ Lover is the polite version. I had a CD burner many years ago and made a copy without that track on it.
On Air’s Moon Safari, Sexy Boy gets skipped. Hate it.
Last one is on The Art of Noise’s brilliant The Seduction of Claude Debussy. I don’t know what the track is called, but it is nothing like the rest of the piece and is skipped instantly.


I don’t play Rush ‘Caress of Steel’ all that often, in fact it and the Debut album are the two I play the least. However, ‘I think I’m Going Bald’ is absolutely my least favourite Rush track and one I have actually skipped in the past or cringed through when playing the record.
PS: I am not in the least bit follicly challenged.


Over the years there have been a handful for me, no more - though when I ripped my LPs and CDs, and with any downloads, such tracks just disappeared never to be heard again, so it is not so easy to remember! One I do recall is on Tarja Turunen’s Beauty and the Beat, the song being Fly me to the moon. Now, that album features music from a variety of sources, some better than others, but that song, really? Just made me think of crooners, which I really dislike, a style I find a complete turn-off.

Join Hands - Siouxsie and the Banshees, I always finish it prior to The Lord’s Prayer (final track)

I was listening to the brilliant ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ by Yazoo this morning.

There is one track that I really detest - ‘I Before E Except After C’ - drives me insane.


I remember from my yoof when I thought it would be good if someone could invent a ‘skip track’ thing that you could stick over the track you don’t want, and it would act like a lead-in groove. Quite impossible to do, effectively, of course.

I used to have a Marantz CD player which allowed you to program in selected tracks for CD’s to play, or not, as the case may be, which I did use on a few occasions to skip tracks.

Not sure if this is still a feature.

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Roon functions perfectly for me. You can “unheart” a particular song and it will always skip it.

For me…Beatle covers :zipper_mouth_face:


Sweet Lady - Queen A Night at the Opera. Each song is a masterpiece, apart from this one.

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Is that the whole album? It’s certainly a challenging listen. I can think of a few like that, e.g. John and Yoko’s Two Virgins and Fripp and Eno’s No Pusyfooting.

In the case of single tracks, Revolution No. 9 would have to be on my list. I find it rather challenging.

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There are a few albums that I will skip a track (or two) on, but the one that really bugs me, and has from the day I bought the album way back in 1969, is Octopus’s Garden on Abbey Road. Why oh why was it included I’ll never understand. If I accidently hear that track it will spoil the rest of the day. And before anyone says it, I know I’m old and sad. :grin:


That’s an understatement.

I love the album “Synchronicity” by The Police. But, I cannot stand the track “Mother”.

I always skip over it.


It was posted tongue in cheek, as technically there is only one track.

A ‘difficult’ listen.


Two if you consider the alternative take, which is slightly more accessible to my ears, but still challenging.

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I think of it as a single track album…for the purpose of the joke!

Revolution No 9 on The Beatles’ White Album.

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Second Hand News
Never Going Back Again
Don’t Stop
Go Your Own Way
The Chain

You Make Loving Fun
I Don’t Want To Know
Oh Daddy
Gold Dust Woman


Such a shame ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ made it onto ‘Abbey Road’. It’s the only flaw in one of my favourite albums.