Favourite B-Sides

I still buy 45’s and own quite a good sized collection (though most are now relegated to the loft)

My favourite thing about 7", 12" and CD singles are the B-Sides little lost gems not released on LP’s.

So here is a thread of favourite B-Sides I’ll start with one that I don’t actually own on vinyl single anymore. The Jam - Butterfly Collector which is the B-Side of Strange Town.

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B-side to Roll Away The Stone


Sticking with The Jam one of the greatest singles bands.

Liza Radley - B-Side of Start

Great cover too bonus point for the name of the record player.

Demon’s Eye


And again.

Tales From The River Bank B-Side of and immeasurably better than Absolute Beginners

And just one more

Precious B-Side of A Town Called Malice

No wait a minute. When a blind man cries


You’ve got some of my favourite Jam songs there - Tales from the riverbank, Liza Radley, The butterfly collector. A lot of great songs were put out as B sides - things that wouldn’t quite work on the albums.

A great B side is The Anti Nowhere League’s So What, B side to Streets of London.

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One of the all-time best B-sides has to be on Pink Floyd’s, Meddle.

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Kill ‘em at the Hot Club Tonite, b side to Skweeze me pleeze me by Slade. An astoundingly good track which so few people have ever heard of.


My second favourite B-side on an album is Led Zeppelin iii. Excellent!

Bookending their career. The Beatles had the BEST B-Sides.

Somebody tell me a better B-Side than “This Boy” - the flipside of “I want to hold your hand” …I’ll wait :relieved: McCartney himself (although it was primarily a Lennon song - and his voice was never better on it) believes it’s one of the great Beatles songs, and regrets it’s lack of prominence.

At the other end - I love “You know my name (look up the number)” - especially the version on Anthology 3 - it was the B-Side of “Let it Be” and couldn’t be more different. Great fun to listen to - and by all accounts, the most fun the Beatles had in the studio. Pure joy.

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This whole album. Some great tunes on here. Not too convinced by the cover of Day Tripper though…


Ahh yes, 100%! I’ve got the card-wrapped CD in the loft. A great album.

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Eastbound Train by Dire Straits. It was probably also because I lived next to New Cross at the time!

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Our 15 year old was sitting through my uncle’s singles and picked this just last night:

And this too!


The B side of the Beatles Hey Jude single, Revolution isn’t bad for the “minor” track.


@Bobthebuilder, I saw the thread title on my phone and immediately thought “The Butterfly Collector” by The Jam. Big smile when I scrolled down and saw your picture sleeve.

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I love On The Shoreline by Genesis - B-Side to I Can’t Dance

A couple of my choices already cited by others (Beatles Fool on the Hill & Deep Purple When a blind man cries). Others:

Edgar Broughton, Keep them freaks a’rolling, B-side of Out demons out.

Fleetwood Mac under the name “Earl Vince and the Valiants”, Somebody’s going to get their head kicked in tonite - B-side of FM’s Man of the World.

Beatles, Don’t let me down, B side of Get back

Marillion, Margaret, B-side of Garden Party (Takes me back to seeing them play it at the same Edinburgh venue on a subsequent date.)

Some people have suggested LP B-sides, which I don’t think fits the intent, but for which the prime one for me the stand-out one would be the Beatles Abbey Road.

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