Favourite cocktails

Courtesy of @steviebee - a vodka snowball, although mine won’t kill me in one fell swoop like his!


Pornstar Martini, as made by the Covent Garden Cocktail Club (beneath and linked to the Arts Theatre). I also make it at home, but never quite as good as they do. I’ll have to see if they’ll let me have their recipe next time I’m there, but I guess that will be a long, long time yet.

Mojito is another favourite, with copious mint - plenty in the garden!

On one holiday in Maldives they did excellent frozen mint Daqueris. Must try making at home sometime.

I do like Pina Colada - another one easy to make at home, though best was one hotel in Caribbean where they made it in a ‘slush puppy’ machine, which seemed the perfect approach enabling quick service and consistent every time!

There’s also Aperol Spritz - but I do ‘t count it as a cocktail, more a thirst quencher!

When cocktail recipes have various spirit plus vodka I always omit the vodka as it is clearly there for alcoholic strength not taste, and most are plenty strong enough without (I’d rather drink more of them!)

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This is a new favourite of mine - The Brown Derby. 80ml bourbon (always Woodford Reserve for me), 50ml grapefruit juice, 1 tablespoon maple syrup. Shake with ice then strain into chilled glass plus twist of grapefruit peel. Absolutely delicious and greater than sum of its parts. TBH all best cocktails either have bourbon or gin as base


Gin Martini with Rhubarb, Pink Grapefruit and Black Pepper ‘Infusionist’.

‘Lighting me up inside’ as Nigella put it!



My two favourites.


A June Bug every time.

New one on me - what is it? (I know I could Google but that’s a bit dull)

Ha, I then had to look it up anyway to make sure I’d got it right and I nearly didn’t. So… http://bartenderhq.com/june-bug-cocktail-recipe/

Arguably a little sickly but to my mind always refreshing. However, I don’t recommend going beyond two if you want to get home in one piece.

On the other hand, if you make them at home…

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Looks lovely although I have to confess I don’t have any of the three spirits (A Christmas Carol link there!). Not that I need much excuse to expand my cocktail cabinet


I’m not much of a drinker and rarely drink spirits but it always puts me in a holiday mood.


I have tried lots of cocktails when I was younger and never found one that I lifed, so now would always go for a nice wine or a decent beer.

Not really a cocktail, but a whisky sour reminds me evocatively of an interesting, even exhilarating, period in my life 40 years ago when I used to go quite often to Florida on business and whisky sour was what we used to drink in the bar after work.



I am in the fortunate position of liking cocktails, beer AND wine


Hell, isn’t it.


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A cross I have to bear


Also partial to an Old Fashioned.


I absolutely love an Old Fashioned. And a Manhattan. And a Mint Julep. And a simple Boilermaker


My “go to” cocktails would be, Mojito, Mai Tai and Singapore Sling.

After a particularly misspent evening, in a generally misspent youth, the mere though of a Harvey Wallbanger is enough to start me dry wretching.


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Expresso martini

Negroni is my favourite go-to at the moment,