Favourite Portable ‘Holiday’ ‘Speaker?

I bought this Danish Designed ‘KreaFunk’ Bluetooth pocket-sized ‘speaker to play my Qobuz library and blow me it sounds really well balanced. Very nice sound indeed for £35!



Little ultimate ears bt from logitech.
Amazing bits of kit and two can be paired for stereo.

For me it’s the Bose soundlink mini


Muso QB2…box has a nice handle as well.


Agreed, have had one of these for years now, very useful when out and about, or in garden, or decorating etc.

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Denon Envaya for me

Muso qb mk1 or ue boom.

B&O A2 exceptional for size

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Muso Qb2 and my backup hard drive.

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Ultimate Ears Boom 2. Surprisingly loud, surprisingly good sound, surprisingly indestructible (so far). Daughter and I have one each - stereo pairing is wonderful.


+1 for the Bose Mini - It does what it says on the tin. :+1:

I have taken my Qb on holiday several times, twice with the UnitiCore too and twice just with a USB stick of music. One challenge was that one holiday destination had no broadband and so no WiFi. To overcome that I took an old router/wap with me and set up a stand-alone WiFi network, so I could control the music through the Naim app on my phone.



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Here’s the Bose

B & W T7 - fabulous bass for its size (the only B & W speaker I’ll ever own!).

Yes, great little speaker.

I use a JBL Flip2 mostly. But I have another one, smaller, with some resistance to water, when I bike or paddle with my kayak.


Logitech Ueboom

one of these.

I’ve just had a lovely week in a cottage in the North Cotswolds with a dear friend. Muso Qb2 came with us.


Yep, its a little star👍

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