Favourite Songs of 2022

There are a few of those lists about the best of 22 in the Guardian today, one of them is about best songs.

https://www.theguardian dot com/music/2022/dec/05/the-20-best-songs-of-2022

The only one in The Guardian top 20 that would be in mine would be their No 3, Spitting of the Edge off the World by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Whilst we have a thread for albums I thought there are some great songs around by many artists that have only been released as stand-alone tracks or as singles/EPs so thought I would start a thread about songs we particularly like from the year. You can also include a favourite song from an album if you wish.

So addition to the above-mentioned song, I would also include:

Literary Mind by Sprints

Spite by Billy Nomates

As I remember other songs I really like I will add them to the list.

BTW I have deliberately not use the word “best” because I don’t believe there can be the best song, just a personal favourite, that others may or may not share.

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Maisie Peters - Good Enough

Zolita - Somebody I F*cked Once

Elle King - Worth A Shot

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