Favourite songs to sing or make a noise similar to, whilst doing boring chores?

Doesn’t necessarily need to be boring. Could be whilst doing an activity that makes you feel very excited !

Ever caught yourself singing “Hey Jude” whilst washing the car ?
Maybe “Who wants to live forever” whilst up the ladder cleaning out the gutters ?
Or “why why why Delilah” when vacuuming the stairs ?

What do you find yourself doing if left alone ?

I Want to Break Free by Queen

When im hoovering!!!


I’m very susceptible to earworms, which can be triggered by almost anything. For example, yesterday on a walk I reminded my daughter that we’d sung at a wedding last year where the bride had come in to Stu Philips’ theme to Battlestar Galactica (long story…). About three minutes later, the conversation having moved on, I was tum-tiddy-tum-tiddy-yum-tum-tiddle-deeing all the way home.

Just having written that probably means I’ll have on the brain between now and bedtime.


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That’s a good one.

Damn you, TobyJug, I won’t be able to sleep now!

It was quite a sight to see the bride coming down the aisle to it, that’s for sure.

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Whenever we are doing housework together, my lovely wife and I always sing “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads. Also, occasionally, in the shower.

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Here in Finland people usually start to sing together Madeletta primavera’s Finnish translation “Aikuinen nainen” when they get really drunk. Men usually sing it with the most passion eventhough “aikuinen nainen” can be translated as “grown up woman”.

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I must add that getting drunk is usually far from boring.

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Classical banjo (William Ball, Aaron Jonah Lewis) is great cooking music, likewise Squirrel Nut Zippers.

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The album Hard Days Night is my go music when first facing anything boring.

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I never sing. I whistle from time to time, but not usually while doing chores, more when walking around, eg from lounge to kitchen. Usually something classical or, oddly, Christmas carols (any time if year). Whike doing physical things like DIY or gardening I tend to sort of whistle without whistling, only just forming sound with my breath. And usually just a single tune for hours, not really realising I’m doing it. It was impossible to think of an example until a few minutes before writing this (in fact triggering): on this occasion it the main theme from Beethoven”s 9th.

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Radar Love by Golden Earring when night diving “I’ve been driving all night my hands…”

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Just been busy vacuuming the house. Our one is quite loud, so it masks out my attempts.
I found myself silly singing “Lorks a Lordy my bottoms on fire. La la la la la la la la la. Nice and easy lemon squeezy” to the tune of Deck The Halls.

When I vaccum, I hum along - with the vacuum cleaner! In fact I tend to do that when ‘m anywhere with a prominent hum type sound …just as wellI don’t have loudly humming transformers on the hifi!

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My voice is so bad even I can’t stand to hear my own ‘singing’! Everything has to be played silently ‘in my head’. Almost every morning for the last 10 years or so I’ve woken with a song playing in my head. More often than not it’s not related in any way to what I was listening to the evening before. Almost as if I have a DAP implanted, set to random play!


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