Favourite upgrade?

Over the last month I have been on a whirlwind upgrade path, from an Atom, to Atom plus Rega P6 to Rega P6 plus SN2 and ND5SX2. Wonderful, I am a very lucky chap. However, today I received one of the new Pro-ject VC-E record cleaners. Just tried it on an original stereo pressing of Time Out, which had been virtually unplayable although the surface looked clear of obvious scratches. Wow, what a difference. Must be my favourite “upgrade”! Now onto the rest of my vinyl :smile:

So my question is, what has been your, perhaps not so obvious, upgrade?


Powerline Lite cable on my Hicap/NAC82. Black box upgrade for 95 quid.

SuperLumina DIN to DIN on CDS3/555PS.

555DR on my 272 changed the 272 into a world class pre.

Migrating from a Qnap NAS to a stand-alone music server, an Audiostore black box.

For me the unexpected vfm upgrade going from the Musicworks Flexlite to the G3 block- for a £ 1000,- lay out this added more in my system than say a £7000,- box upgrade. ATB Peter

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Neat SX1 to Kudos Titan 606

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Rega Ref Power Cable on the Aria

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