Favourites, Home screen view A to Z?

On my Naim App the home screen shows Albums or Radio favourites but they are in date order ( oldest date tagged album appears as first favourite) not A to Z. Any idea if these lists can be sorted into a useable order.

Yes they can be moved to any order: touch & hold the favourite line you want to move, the line will move slightly to the left, then you can drag it to the position you want.

Doesn’t seem to work for me. When I touch and hold the album , line just gets highlighted. Its not being grabbed, only option offered is a pop up “play or remove”.
I have the latest IOS App update on iPad .

Me too - iPadOS 13.3.1 on iPad 9.7
It works fine, its always worked, I only have iRadio Presets (Favourites) on the Home Screen, none of my own Favourites (play list) . Maybe the problem is only with these, your own Favourites list

It works on old streamers, but not the current range. I suggest you send app feedback to Naim if you want it to work, as I imagine they could add it easily enough if they see that people want it.

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I’m using a Uniti Star, so that would make sense.

Yeh there’s drag n drop for iradio on the Muso range, I really miss that so it would be nice to have it back for Unitis and ND’s. I wonder is there a logical reason why some of these features aren’t standardised across the range?

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