FC XS simultaneous power of CD5 XS and Headline 2

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Having read some older threads, it appears Naim advise (perhaps require) that when a FCXS is to power either a CD5 XS or a Headline 2, it’s advisable to use Power Socket B. Obviously this cannot be done simultaneously for both. My question is whether Power Socket A can power either the CD5 XS or the HL2? If so, which Power Socket is recommended for which component in this example?



I believe both power outputs are 24V. If so, I assume it doesn’t matter which power socket out I use for this connection example. But if someone more knowledgeable could please confirm I would appreciate your help.

I agree with you, the outputs are the same. My understanding is that it therefore would not matter which output went to which bit of kit.


I think the instructions assume you will use A with an amp like the Nait 5/XS or a pre like the NAC 112/122/152.

No worries. Flatcaps are very versatile and can power any two applicable Naim boxes you choose. I power a Headline and either a CD5XS or NAT05XS as the mood takes me.

EDIT: My experience is limited to the Flatcap 2X and XS, both of which (I believe) have two interchangeable 24v sockets, unlike some earlier models.



You may have been thinking of the earlier Flatcap 2, which I believe had 22V outputs on socket B that better suited some CD players. This changed with the Flatcap XS which uses 24V outputs on both sockets.


Thanks all. I don’t plan on using a preamp between the CD5XS and HL2, but will rather use the Naim HL adaptor connector that will connect between the CD5XS and the captive Din cable on the HL2. Then both the CD5XS and FCXS will need power cables connected to Mains. Finally, a SNAIC 5 cable from either of the FCXS’s 24V rails into the CD5XS and a SLIC from the other 24V rail into the HL2. A nice simple 3-box system for my office.

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