Feargal Sharkey

No, he’s not dead. And neither is his bandmate’s perfect cousin.

I just wanted to offer a big thumbs up to him and what he’s trying to achieve these days.

We do often see people from the music industry pushing for change from upon their own high platform, however given his own particular step is some way in the past and I suspect occupying a fairly low point above sea level, good on him for taking it on. I also believe he’s leaning against an open door as far as much of the population goes, mind…


Yes, a Feargal Sharkey water industry (:poop:) interview is always worth watching / listening to.


Yep……great environmentalist

I’ve just read that Southern Water, the company that deals with our sewage, and is one of the worst for putting it in the rivers and the sea, is pushing for a 91% increase in charges over five years in order to make necessary improvements. It’s an absolute scandal. Southern would have fewer improvements to make if they had invested in infrastructure rather than paying dividends, and not need to demand such massive increases in charges. l. It’s noteworthy that in Scotland and Northern Ireland water is publicly owned. I wouldn’t question Sharkey’s motivations for a second, he’s clearly a good guy, but none of this should be necessary in one of the richest countries in the world.


A good shart these days is hard to find.


Echo that.

I strongly believe that essential utilities that are part of the country’s infrastructure should be nationally owned (but of course run efficiently and accountably). In my view it was a crime to sell off in the way they were, but of course this is something that it is against the rules to discuss on this forum.


Worth a listen - a frankly shocking state of affairs.

For the less informed - what is he trying to achieve these days?

For years now he’s been a voice in the wilderness trying to take the piss-poor water industry in England to task, among other very strongly felt environmental issues in the face of industry that oft seems hell bent on destroying what remains of our green and pleasantness…

Finally it seems the message is gaining momentum and I can’t help but feel the pendulum of public opinion has swung most firmly in line with his oft spoken views.


He has also been very active in trying to keep open/support smaller live music venues


Don’t pay your water bill as a protest,

Bit of a hero on this water business is Feargal. I first became aware of his interest in the subject when he appeared on the excellent Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing.

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Clean water. Rivers. Sea. And now looking at the SW, tap. He’s a star.

The predominantly private equity owned water utilities don’t help themselves, but the toothless OFWAT has to also bear a lot of blame. Our bunch of :poop: United Utilities who are responsible for the Windermere siillage have just declared a dividend in excess of operating profits before any investment In improvements.

On the other hand our Victorian combined sewage and surface water drainage system does not cater for our very crowded Isles and the impact of climate change. It is going to be a massive job to fix and I can’t see private sector having the appetite if they cannot make a return so a public ownership model is going to be needed but this will need a different mindset than every other public works model of last 40 years. Not a good starting point.

I only played his hits the other day and always wondered what happened to him. Good on him for trying.


Indeed 10/10 to him, the village nearest us has raw sewage running down the street and into a nearby chalk stream.

I won’t say anymore

I can only assume the powers that be are awaiting the moment for them to become worthless husks in the main and take them back under central ownership.

Though, to counter this and provide some fair balance, our own water supplier (Anglian Water) has in my experience provided excellent, same day, service whenever an issue has been reported in our street, from blocked drains to leaks etc. They are also heavily involved in wetlands and river preservation across East Anglia either directly or through efforts such as the Norfolk Rivers Trust. Just sayin’…

Anglian Water was responsible for over 31,000 sewage spills in 2023, nearly double compared with the previous year.

Because ideology wins over common sense. In 2021 Southern Water was fined £90m for deliberately dumping billions of litres of raw sewage in the sea. You read that right - it wasn’t an accident, it was deliberate. Far cheaper than investing in infrastructure. And now they want a 91% increase in their charges.

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